Hostage Situation Silhouette Stand

Side View

Adjust The Angle of Pitch!

Side View

Front View

Rear View

Back View

Features hostage situation & heart target Plates fitted with lubrication grease fittings

Removable bolt-up design for a clean front shooting surface

Heavy 3/8'' thick angle iron base

A locking adjustable arm to change the pitch of the target.

Solid 3/4'' base plate

Our Silhouette Stand is perfect for the serious pistol shooter. This target provides the absolute safest experience possible by allowing the shooter to adjust the stand to a wide range of pitch adjustments as necessary. In addition, there is no frontal hardware or pesky bolts to deflect spall. It features a hostage situation paddle as well as a heart paddle. Both of which are equipped with grease fittings for longevity and function. The stand has several safety advantages over a target hung by a chain. When the silhouette is supported by a stand, it doesn't swing erratically. This feature allows for safer follow-up shots where the target plate stays relatively stationary. Whereas one hung by chain would swing more unpredictably and could present unsafe deflection angles. The Silhouette Plate is laser cut and comes standard in 3/8'' thickness. 1/2'' material can be purchased but may have a few more days added to delivery time.