This Three Plate Swinging Target Stand Package comes standard with One center 10" Plate and Two 5" Side Plates. All of which are AR500 steel. It has a wonderful design layout that allows the user to adjust the spacing between the targets as necessary. Targets are fully customizable. The user can add or remove different size target plates to suit his or her preference. This target is also collapsible by loosening two wing nut on either side of the target and simply folding the legs into the stow away position. This feature makes the target a very portable design thats easy to store when not in use. Dont forget to see this target in action on our video page.

Overall Dimensions: 80-1/2"Wide x 35" Tall x 22" Deep

Weight: 72.5 lbs.

3 Plate Swinging Target Stand Package (5" Side Plates & 10''Center Plate)