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Manufacturing Process

Ground Zero Ballistics, LLC. targets are perfect for long-range and high velocity rifles. Our American made steel is laser cut to ensure that our clients are getting only the best, most durable, metal targets on the market. Due to the laser cutting process, only 1/16th of an inch of the metal is annealed past the cutting line. Whereas, other high-heat cutting methods can compromise the hardness of the entire steel plate.

Most companies won’t tell you that cutting steel with a water jet is the most effective. This is likely due to the probability that they are all using lasers, as we do in our process. The water jet is much more efficient in keeping the temperature of the cutting medium in a rage that doesn’t effect the hardness of the metal. The water jet uses an abrasive garnet within the water stream to cut the steel. This allows the material to be cooled while being cut simultaneously. The result is a product that has suffered almost no effects of the cutting process. However, it is more expensive! To most consumers, the added expense doesn’t justify the minute difference in target quality. So, most manufactures simply utilize the laser to keep their product in an affordable range for the customer.

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