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About Us

  • Our products are designed to guarantee that you get the most out of your shooting experience.  This company was founded by Jai Moore, a business professional and a devoted outdoorsman. For years he enjoyed target practice, but never found the exact target to suit his preferences. This led to him bringing together his love of target shooting and fabrication to create  business known as, Ground Zero Ballistics.

  • Ground Zero Ballistics, LLC. targets are perfect for long-range and high velocity rifles. Our American made steel is laser cut to ensure that our clients are getting the best, most durable, metal targets on the market. Because of the laser cutting process, only 1/16th  of an inch of the metal is softened past the cutting line. Whereas, other high-heat cutting methods can compromise the hardness of the entire steel plate.  

  • Our targets provide a distinct sound upon bullet contact, allowing the shooter to be sure of a definite hit. The overall shooting experience is enhanced by allowing the target to swing and quickly adjust to a second shooting point. This saves the shooter from having to manually walk and reset the target. Once the target shows the signs of the impact, simply wipe it clean, and touch up with fresh paint, and you’re ready for hours of fun.


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