.338 Lapua demonstration

5.56 demonstration

Three Plate Swing target

Shaft Collar

Improved Design

Crossbar & Hangar Assembly View

Our Three Plate Swinging Target Assembly is one of our most popular target designs. It features a single ten inch plate and two 5 inch plates that swing interactively when hit. The bracket system places the targets at a natural safe angle for deflection. Notice the spall being directed downward in the demonstration videos. Its collapsible design makes transport, storage, and set-up a breeze. This target is laser cut and comprised entirely of 3/8'' material.

The Target plates are AR-500 and bolted "not welded" to each bracket hanger with 1/2'' bolts. This feature allows the shooter to rotate the target surface from time to time to prevent cupping. The top cross bar is milled down from solid stock to a diameter of 1 1/4'' OD. Each bracket hanger is held in place with two shaft collars to ensure many years fun on the range.